Flavours by Dee catered our farewell party and the experience was thoroughly enjoyable, from picking out the menu to having the food served to the people at the party.

Dee was really helpful with suggestions on which foods to serve and even tweaked some of the dishes, so the little ones could enjoy them too as well as catering for some vegetarian guests.

We had san choy bow, lamb kofta, beef sliders, chicken skewers, prawn & vegetable dumplings and a chicken curry with rice as the substantial dish. Dee also made a vegetarian version of the curry as well as a vegetarian noodle dish. To top it all off there were cakes and profiteroles as dessert.

The food itself was amazing and a lot of the guests commented on the quality and deliciousness of the food. Nobody left hungry, that’s for sure.

Long story short, if you are looking for some delicious catering made by a lovely chef, then Flavours by Dee should be your port of call.

Hartmut Toepler Photography

Combining my job as a photographer with getting to try some sensational food cooked by Dee is definitely a benefit of my job!


My first experience with Dee’s delicious cuisine was when she catered for my husband’s 50th Birthday a three course dinner for 50 family and friends.
Once we decided on the menu, I simply opened up my kitchen to her on the day and left her to it. After an exceptional entre and main course, she presented three amazing cakes for dessert as well as the Birthday Cake which she personally made.

Dee catered for my son’s Engagement Party which was a Cocktail Party in the garden for 100 guests. We just told her what we wanted and left her to it.
We use Dee to cater for all our special occasions and I recommend her to Friends, as she always delivers amazing food and she does it in a effortless way.

We have a really A+ Team.

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