Dee cooking food

I have never been one to follow fads or trends in food. I like to cook from my heart and soul. As they say ‘soul food’.
Cooking and eating has always been an exciting part of my life, especially growing up in a big family in Malaysia where the number one question to my mum was always ‘what’s for dinner’ when we are still eating lunch!

My mum was very particular and fussy in the kitchen . It was not a bad thing I must admit.
Having said that we learnt so much from her like mixing spices with fresh herbs and making curry paste. Nothing came out of bottle.

To think of it I have learnt most of my cooking and creativity from my mum rather then from any other chefs I have worked with.
Food always brings people together no matter what race, country or religion.
At the age of 26 I made my hobby a profession.

Cooking is about being creative. As a chef you will always create something new, that is what makes food interesting – whether it is the ingredients or a combination of the herbs and spices you use.

Mixing spices and fresh herbs in my cooking is my forte , I just love it!!